The Best Quality Team: Lender, Appraiser, and Closing Attorney


Amy wanted to refinance an adjustable mortgage to take advantage of lower rates. She was dissatisfied with her previous broker so she asked her neighbor who highly recommended Blue Door Mortgage.


Amy found that working with the Blue Door Mortgage team “took a weight off my shoulders as they were so organized.” The attention to detail stood out including the appraiser and attorney who were referred to Amy by Blue Door Mortgage.


Everyone was very responsive, “it didn’t feel like a business transaction but rather Jonathan really cared about us.”


Amy, Boston


Competitive Rates a Given: Service that Excels


When Andrew thinks of a mortgage or refinance, Blue Door Mortgage is the choice. Many years ago, he used to go shopping for the best mortgage until he realized that “personalized service” is as important as competitive rates and terms. 


Jonathan “never sells me a mortgage, just finds one that fits me.” In addition to being responsive and very attentive to Andrew’s needs; the Blue Door Mortgage team recommends closing attorneys who will meet Andrew at a time and place convenient for him.


Andrew, Lexington


A Trusted Broker Who Finds the Best Lenders


Dan chose Blue Door Mortgage for two reasons: prior experiences lender choice. Over the years, Dan has referred his clients to Blue Door Mortgage and they were “very well treated.”


In 2015, Dan needed to refinance and he turned to Jonathan without hesitation. “I like that he’s a broker and is able to work with multiple lenders to obtain the best rates and terms for me.”


Dan, Sudbury



Sharing the Wealth of a Trusted Mortgage Broker


Joe is not the only person sold on Blue Door Mortgage. As he’s worked with Jonathan over the past 25 years, Joe has referred about 10 friends, relatives, and co-workers and everyone closed with Jonathan.


Joe keeps referring and coming back for first mortgages and refinancing because Blue Door Mortgage is “thorough, honest, and works very hard for me. They make what could be difficult, painless and that’s hard to find.”


Joe, Stow, MA 



Really Great at What They Do


Blue Door Mortgage has passed with flying colors after closing several mortgages with Lloyd. He said they’re “very good, very efficient, and get the job done with a good rate. 


Lloyd knows when he applies for a loan with Blue Door Mortgage that he is in good hands and the deal will happen.” 


Lloyd, Sudbury


 Customer responses after a refinance or purchase transaction:


  •          Hi Jonathan, just letting you know the closing went smoothly this morning and thanks for all your help.
  •           Hi Guys, Just wanted to say THANK YOU!  Closing went well, cash out in the bank, and the closing attorney was great!!  Easy peasy!
  •            Thanks, Jonathan! Appreciate your and the Blue Door team's support.  Thank you for working so hard on this!!  Sent from my iPhone

  •            Thank you Jonathan.  It's been a pleasure working with you. 
  •     Thank you so much for all of your help!! Yay for saving money! 
  •         On behalf of my wife and myself, thank you, thank you!  Obviously we went into this having never done any of this before, and in this market where everything it seems works just a touch differently      from how  it  typically does, we never felt alone for a second. You all played exactly the roles you were supposed to, and allowed us to feel as confident as I’d imagine any first time home buyers do at close! Given the climate, this is no small feat ??.  We’re beyond grateful for all your help, and would be happy to recommend & work with you all again!

  •          You’re welcome and thanks to you, and your team, as well! Probably be the last time unless we could get in the ones! 

  •         Hi Gianna & Jonathan,  We completed the closing today on the cash out refinance of our investment condo.  Jonathan- thank you for keep closing costs low, probably one of the lowest I have paid !  Gianna - appreciate the hard work & due diligence   Thanks to both of you for everything you have done and your support and help to get this loan completed and closed out smoothly. 
  •       Thanks Jonathan. We received the check today and deposited. We will definitely refer our friends to you.

  •      Jonathan,  Thank you!  I wanted to let you know what a pleasure is was to work with Gianna on this refi.  She was extremely patient, polite, efficient and knowledgeable.   She made the whole process smooth and   painless.

  •    Thank you for all your help. We love our new home! 

  • Thanks as always Jonathan.  I thought last year was the bottom!  Never say never!  I hope you are having a great summer.  I will keep sending you more recruits as I find them.

  • Thanks so much everyone!  You all are awesome!!  

  • Thank you all for your help to make it happen on time. Great pleasure to work with you once again, and look forward to doing it again! 

  • Hi Jonathan,  We're so appreciative of the time you put into this over the holiday weekend!  This gives us renewed confidence with an offer soon going out.  We couldn't be happier to be working you and the folks at Blue Door throughout this process.  Cheers.

  • Good morning Jon and Thomas.  I just wanted to say THANK YOU for all of your assistance with my most recent refi on our rental property.  I will continue to refer friends and family to you for the same  exceptional service that I’ve experience from all 5 of our mortgages through Blue Door.
  •     Thanks, Jonathan! You and the team were great to work with - we appreciate the great service! 
    • Sent from my iPhone



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